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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ben's@Pavilion KL


This is actually the late post for this Tuesday - 9/4. I really dislike doing late blog post,  need to get rid of this bad habit - procrastination seriously. Goshhh >.<

After all the busy schedule on weekdays and processing all the photos, so yea let's get this started haha.

making-sweetness April 9 * 

Since it's the last day of trial exam and finished in the early morning, I shall let my hair down a little after the brain being saturated with all the formulas.

I usually will do some research on which restaurant/cafe to go for by reading blog post regarding food/restaurant review, I simply love food and enjoy discovering places with lovely ambiance especially those with Vintage/Pastel interior!!

Of course, the food taste, the service and pricing of the food are equally important too! Heeh.

But I didn't get to do it since I'm still having exam, so we're walking around and see what to eat for lunch. I heard about Ben's before and get attracted by its interior and the atmosphere inside when we passed by, so we decided to have our lunch at Ben's.

Some info from the Internet:

Ben’s evokes the warmth of a familial home. The spaces are bright and airy, some verdant and green, with whitewashed wooden flooring, high ceilings and contemporary vintage furnishing. Walls are adorned with charming portraiture capturing special moments within the family.

The menu concentrates on international cuisines, ranging from refreshing appetisers and salads to hearty East and West main courses, delicious snacks and luscious desserts.

Ze entrance. 

Navy blue stripes cushion!! 

This setting makes me feel like I'm home, so warm and lovely! Wish to have something similar to this in my future house haha. 

Classic white ♡

can't stop taking photos of their wall picture frames!!

I have a really low immunity when it comes to places with pretty interior and decor (≧◡≦)

Lunch hour is packed with peoplesss.

If you prefer calm, quiet and comfort environment, avoid to go there at lunch/dinner peak hours. ^^

I forgot to take photo of their menu, this is taken from Ben's official website.   

While waiting for the food,

Not an ordinary water. 
Because it's with a slight sourly taste. 
Yeap, lemon water! 

They served this even if you did not order any drink! So considerate of them =D

*I don't think it considered as Lemonade since it does not have sweet taste. Haha. 

Even their tables are so nicely set up, love the vintage woody table with silver lines on it. They also provide recipes, table topics and suggestion cards, so you will not feel bored while waiting. 

Some examples: 

And I took 3 cards home for collection haha. So classic (●´∀`)

Their serving speed is considered quite fast even it's in peak hours.

Wheee, Mine has arrived!

Spaghettini Pomodolo - RM20.90

Aesthetic appeal: 8/10
Taste: 7/10
Price: 4/10

I don't really know what to order actually, wish to try something new but then I scared the food will ended up wasted if I order something new and I don't like it. So I ordered this since there's tomato sauce haha. Something similar Bolognese Spaghetti without the meat =)

There's some herbs, cheese *the while slices* with thick tomato sauce which can make you go really full. So didn't get to try out their dessert after finished this =/ 
It tastes quite nice, but not to the extend of super delicious. 

Chucky Mushroom Soup with Garlic Toast - RM14.90

Aesthetic appeal: 6/10
Taste: 6/10
Price: 5/10

 This does not look like the usual mushroom soup I've seen as normally it appears in creamy white colour. I'm not a fan of mushroom soup, however this taste not bad too. 

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.


Ambiance: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Price range: RM10 - RM60 
Revisit or not: Yes

Ben's @Pavilion KL shopping mall

Lot 6.11.00 & E6.11.00, 6th Floor,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 KL.
Tel. : 03-2141 5290
Branches: Suria KLCC, Publika 
Business hours: Sunday-Thursday ~ 11AM -10PM
                        Friday, Saturday & eve of public holidays ~ 11AM - 12 Midnight

And guess what?
I just found out Ben's is 1 of the flagship cafes under the same company as Plan B!! okay, maybe some of you know it already. Haha.

I've always wanted to try Plan B but still didn't get the chance to because all of the outlets are too far away D:  

Extended reading: Ben's@KLCC

So we went and walk around Pavilion after lunch, bought some breads at Tokyo Street. Yumms. 

OMG, Apple and Orange bread!! 

Looks so real and too cuteeeeeee! ≧▽≦

So yea, that's how we called it a day. Hope you enjoy reading! 

___ Irene C 

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