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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

You owe it to yourself, to find happiness.

And sometimes, happiness can be this simple.

A freshly brewed hot green tea latte with a banana chocolate chip muffin filled the cold, rainy afternoon with love and happiness 

Their muffin tastes really delicious!! The sweetness is just nice. Felt so blessed at that particular moment as I'm having trials exam since morning and didn't have the time to take my lunch yet. *happy kid's grin*

Uhm yea, so that's the reason of the lack of updates: Exam. However, I'll try to update as frequent as I can kay. Heeh ❤

I used to jotted down some motivational quotes and refer it back whenever my negativity emerged out. Ohh and of course, listening to the music that fits the mood does help too!

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will realize they were really the big things." 

"No one can make you happy if you won't let them and you owe it to yourself to take responsibility for your own happiness."

Always take heed of the little things around you, I'm sure you did find your joy and happiness of life. =)

I love surfing the internet because it can bring you from 1 place to another, *well not physically XD* get to peek a little on how other people's world are like and what I love the most is travel virtually through reading blogs from different countries because I simply love travelling a lot!!!

But since I still unable to travel around the world yet, I guess this does quench my thirst and desire to travel a little! :D

Found these videos when strolling around the virtual world, can't stop surfing haah. =P
And I couldn't wait to share it with all of you, here you go!


Since our childhood we all know how to dream. Asleep and awake. Thanks to the power of our imagination we believe we are capable of achieving anything we can dream of. However, as we grow older we lose this wonderful ability we'll later need to be creative, to innovate, to change our lives and to transform our organizations. We invite you to dare to dream again, to challenge your comfort zone, and to enjoy the pleasure of turning your dreams into reality. Do you dare to dream?

Hope this post enlighten or inspired you a little, I'm glad to hear if it does!

Wish you have a great day ahead! :)

__ Irene C 

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