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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Newfound blogger spirit!!

Holaaaa! *Greeting from Spanish word*

I decided to make a brand new blog (the one you're reading right now!) to start all over again after leaving my old, dusty blog for... hmm... 2 year+? Haha. I still couldn't decide should I write my blog in English or Mandarin due to my deficiency in English D: Uhm, I think I'll follow my mood to switch the language.

Yay, problem solved! *grin*

So you might wondering, what makes me come back to blogger after not blogging for such a long time right? *I miss blogger a lot =D* 

The main reason is because of the urge to record down the little details of my daily life and sharing feelings/things/goodies/freebies to the beloved readers is growing stronger and stronger each day! Until I couldn't bear it anymore haha. Memory storage is getting low nowadays, trying my best to save it up before I forgot =P 

And also I did really love to try to write reviews on what I love: FOOD! and anything that I couldn't wait to share to everyone of you :D
Reading food review is fun and makes my stomach grumble *drools* 

Since this is the very first post of my new blog, *Wheeee* 
I shall start off with how do I get the blog address name from.

I used to love Rainbow a lot, because it's colourful and I feel happy when I see rainbow! It's a perfect combination for all the 7 colours. To me, it symbolizes life since there's 7 different colours where each colour symbolize some of the elements in life. As the saying goes, after a hurricane comes a Rainbow right? =)

Whereas Gusto in English means hearty, keen enjoyment or enthusiasm. In Spanish, Gusto means taste.

Hence, RainbowGusto Rainbow/Taste the rainbow. 

Hahaa, practically it's how the name came from ^^

But on the other hand, I'll be quite busy this year since my major exam is coming really soon. D:

Won't be blogging that often though, but I'll try my best to record down those little details in my life. As for the blog designing part, will try to find a suitable template and design my bloggie asap. Okay, I think that's all for now. Thanks for stumble upon my new blog and spend your time to read this post :D

Adiós! *it means bye in Spanish* 

__ Irene 

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