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Friday, May 31, 2013

Foodies adventure #2: Beard Papa + Tong Pak Fu + Hui Lau Shan


Before I continue our Part 2 journey at KLCC,  click here! if u haven't read about Part 1 foodies adventure ^^

Okay, it's time to get this started!!

After having a healthy brunch at Antipodean Cafe, we continue our fun and adventure journey by walking all the way from Menara Tan & Tan to KLCC without doing any 'homework' on how to get there Lol.

Capturing photo before crossing the road haha.

Well, we used Google Map while we're still in Antipodean although it's not really useful at that time.
I think it helps a little eventually   (✿◠‿◠)

In my opinion, one of the best way to travel is exploring places with public transport and walking.
I love adventure a lot, because adventure is completely spontaneous, you don't know what it's going to happen next but just keep moving on until you found it.

You may find something unexpected and fun along the way too!

Check out my very first adventure written in Mandarin >> here
PS: use the Google Translator on the top of the right sidebar if you need someone to translate for you ^^

Finally reached! 

It's around 10 minutes walk (Estimated time) to KLCC, we entered through KLCC outdoor park and this is how you'll see KLCC ahead of you =)

The weather lately is killing me, walking under the burning hot sun is like being toasted in an HOT oven ((((゜д゜;))))

Feeling like heaven when we get inside, the pleasantly cold freezing air... haha.
Looking at those scrumptious food and desserts make us feel gluttonous again albeit we just filled up our tummy.
We're never too full for desserts and snacks *wink*

#1 First stop in KLCC - Beard Papa

Grabbed this image from Beard Papa official website as I forgot to take photo of our order. 
Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream Puff - RM6

I only took a small bite of it, I think it tasted like a normal mango yogurt being filled into a cold cream puff.
Nothing too special, the price doesn't really worth for a cream puff in our opinion.  

Overall it's quite okay, you can try it if you're a cream puff lover =) 

We only ordered one cream puff since the price is a little expensive for us and we wanna save it to try the others food as well :D

#2 Second stop - Tong Pak Fu 糖百府

My all-time favourite!! ♥

Tracka Durian Snow Ice 榴莲飘香(竹脚)(L) - RM14.80

This is one of their best seller and you must order this if you're a durian lover!!! It practically like eating a real durian flesh after refrigerated. Didn't know cornflakes can turn out to be the perfect match with durians. Mmm... finger-licking good! ✌

Beside this, we also order their Otak-Otak as snack. 

Photo from Tong Pak Fu

And once again, I forgot to take photo of the Otak-otak  -.-
The portion size is kinda small than the one you saw on the photo above, we think it's so-so only. It's not really worth the price for that though.

Btw, students get 5% discount when you show them your student ID upon bill payment.
You must be thinking only 5%?
Well... it's better than none, right? ^^

Will be writing another blog post for Tong Pak Fu on my next visit, so that I can try out different desserts and with... photos haha! Stay tuned!! 

#3 Third stop - Hui Lau Shan 许留山 

Since my friend didn't try Hui Lau Shan before, so brought them to Level 4 to try their signature mango dessert.

Didn't manage to take the photo of it, my friend ordered the same dessert as the one I visited at another branch in Time Square before, so here's an old photo I took last time =)

My friends and I then went to KLCC outdoor park for a short walk after stuffed so many food into our stomach  ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I didn't realise it until my friend spotted this beautiful scene from window! 

It's been quite a while since I see a rainbow, this totally make our day!!

Tried on 2 different edits, which one do you prefer? ^^

This accident shot turned out to be one of my favourite ♥

Couldn't help to keep taking photos of the pretty lovely view! 


Blue sky with white clouds, skyscraper standing high among the green trees, how the sun shines on the water fountain and creates a virtual rainbow on it.... Ahhh, what a lovely day ▰˘◡˘▰

At that particular moment, I feel so relieved.
How often do we get to slow down our pace in this busy city and enjoy the little things around us? It could be just a flower, a small bush or even a leaf. 

You may think it's another boring scene with buildings and trees since we are so used to see it everyday, but what's more important is to find joy in the ordinary. 

That day is the most relax day for three of us, just sitting beside friends silently and watching the beautiful view could be more than enough. 

*Sorry for the poor english description*

That's all for now, but this is not the end of our journey yet, keep looking forward to the last post yea lovely! Have a nice day ^^

*Click here for Part 3!!

___ Irene C 


  1. Wow!! Nice capture!! The rainbow pic is really very awesome :D
    Your pic of Tong Pak Fu really making me crave it now.. espcially the weather so hot T^T

  2. It's indeed a very lucky blessing to see such beautiful sunshine on the water fountain and creates the rainbow!

    I'm craving for their durian snow ice too T.T
    The weather lately is really bad, drink more water and take care ^^

    1. Never tried the real Tong Pak Fu but tried the imitation 糖伯府。